Eric in Studio

Meet international recording artist Eric J. Lige. He has garnered praise for his resounding baritone/tenor singing voice. "He delivers with great passion and conviction," is a common phrase that has been reiterated by many of his listeners. As a songwriter, voice actor and vocalist, Mr. Lige has entertained audiences nationally and internationally. He has performed on TV (Glee), in theatres, civic arenas, and churches in USA large cities such as New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle and San Diego. His focus on performing and recording multicultural bridge-building songs has consistently finds him traveling often to countries such as Canada, the Caribbean, Greece, Japan, and South Africa. Eric has five music projects and those global records were arranged, produced, recorded and mixed all over the world (Armenia, Brazil, Estonia, Greece, Turkey, USA, and Venezuela). Eric’s projects can be purchased on his website and are also available on itunes, Amazon, and other online stores. These recordings are excellent ministering tools.

Eric J. Lige currently resides in La Jolla, California where he is Programming Arts director for Ethnos Community Church. He continues to travel internationally as a conference speaker, musician, and he leads and mentor college students on university students on several college campuses within USA.